Area 61 Roundup Committee

    Updated 06/26/2012
Position Trusted Servant Contact
Chair: Malinda H.
Alternate Chair: George O.
Registrar Beth M.

Each year Rhode Island AA's meet for a day to talk amongst themselves about the current issues of the day; to listen to our "Trusted Servants" on these matters and to enjoy themselves. In the midst of this, newcomers – beginning to learn the opportunities sobriety offers – are exploring, meeting and chatting. Sobriety's excitement is almost tangible. Did the food get mentioned yet – wow – the Brownies are worth the trip.

This is the annual round-up. There is a committee working to ensure this event is a continuing success. This is the Round Up committee.

Being part of the Round Up committee is a real choice. It is making a commitment to sobriety while making sure your AA peers enjoy themselves as they are enlightened.

Click here for the date and location of this committee's monthly meeting.

How to become a member of the Round Up Committee

Contacting the Chair or the Alternate Chair usually gets the ball rolling but appearing at the next committee meeting (above) provides an excellent opportunity to refine your interest.